About the Institute: Our Executive Director

Bob Burridge, has served as pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church, Pinellas Park, Florida since his ordination with the Presbyterian Church in America in 1987.

He graduated with a BA in Biblical Literature from Clearwater Christian College in 1970 and earned his Master of Divinity degree from Biblical Theological Seminary, graduating in 1973.

Before serving as pastor he was a full time teacher for twelve years serving first at Skycrest Christian School in Clearwater, Florida, then at Keswick Christian School in St. Petersburg. For nine years he also served as adjunct to the University of South Florida to the Center for Mathematical Services where he taught science and computer programming.

He has served several times as moderator of the two presbyteries to which he has belonged, and has served as theological examiner for ordained men entering his presbytery. Most recently he has founded the Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies which was established to examine, teach, and promote the historic Reformed faith.

His theological works include: