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Survey Studies in Reformed Theology by Bob Burridge
This syllabus is a guide through the doctrines of the Reformed Faith and their foundations in Scripture. The study follows the outline of the Westminster Confession of Faith and is used as the class syllabus for the Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies. The following index takes you to the various topics covered:
Unit 1: How We Know About God (Prolegomena) wcf 1 Scripture ...
   revelation, inspiration, canon, preservation, translation, interpretation
Unit 2: Theology Proper wcf 2-5 The nature and person of God
Unit 3: Objective Soteriology wcf 6-8 The provision of salvation.
Unit 4: Subjective Soteriology wcf 9-18 The application of salvation.
Unit 5: Nomology wcf 19-24 The study of God's law
Unit 6: Ecclesiology wcf 25-31 The study of the Church
Unit 7: Eschatology wcf 32-33 The fulfillment of the ages

Read the Cambridge Declaration.

Download the self-extracting file Reformed Confessions by Daric Bossman. This is a windows help file that provides the texts of the historic reformed confessions and catechisms including scripture proofs. It is offered by the author as freeware.

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